the most convenient optical Heart Rate Monitor and Personal Trainer for swimmers


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Ovao is currently under development in cooperation with scientists and engineers from Kaunas University of Technology.

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Bright LED indicator with color coding for 5 heart rate zones. Easily read even during fast swimming

Integrated audio beeper used for tempo training - to make your workout even more efficient

Easily attached to almost any swimming goggles

First most convenient swimming tracker and personal trainer, tailored specifically for all swimmers personal needs

No more bulky chest straps or awkward HR watch reading through the foggy goggles on the move

How Ovao works

Set up Ovao device and choose your workout

Easily attach Ovao to almost any swimming goggles

Swim with Ovao and follow Personal Trainer instructions. Your real-time heart rate zone will be displayed on your swimming goggles

Analyse your swimming data after your workout on your smartphone

Which device
you choose ?

Ovao Pulse

Ovao Trainer HR

Ovao Ultimate Swimming

Instant feedback Instant HRZ monitor

Tempo training (metronome)

Interval pace training

Train according to pre-set or own custom training programs

Analysis Post training HR performance analysis

VO2 Max tracking

Stroke count

Stroke rate

Lap count

Lap time

Turn time

Resting time


Instant acceleration monitoring


Swimming efficiency (SWOLF)

General Put on train (no additional settings required

Attachable to swimming goggles

Auto ON when in the water

iOS/Android app for device and training programs setup and performance analysis

Adjustable ranges of HR zones

BLE connectivity

Price, USD $139 $179 $209

Get OVAO at 40% off


What is Heart Rate Zone training?

Depending on your health/athletic condition and training goals, different heart rate zones are optimal. Knowing your pulse at any given moment is not only critical for healthy training, but also maximizes the desired effect, wheter you're aiming at endurance, sprint performance, or just want to do a maximum fat burn exercise.

Swim with Ovao and see your
real time heart rate zone:


Train correctly for your goals

Whether you do strength, endurance, cardio or fat-burn training, instant monitoring of both HR and continuance of your exercise in a specific HRZ is crucial. Following Personal Trainer instructions and having possibility to analyse your swimming data you will get the most out of your training. With Ovao you can dramatically improve efficiency of your workouts.